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Guided Care+ Team

Meet the Guided Care+ team. A compassionate and expert group of healthcare professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive, personalized care individuals with chronic conditions. From physicians to social workers, each team member works in harmony to ensure every aspect of health and well-being is attentively managed, providing peace of mind and support at every step of your healthcare journey.


Guided Care+ physicians are board-certified professionals specializing in geriatric and chronic care management. They conduct comprehensive evaluations, develop and oversee treatment protocols, and coordinate with other medical specialists to manage the complex health needs of seniors, ensuring a holistic approach to care.

Physician Assistants:

Physician Assistants in Guided Care+ provide a bridge between doctors and patients, offering clinical assessments, managing acute episodes, and ensuring continuity of care. They are instrumental in patient education, helping to clarify treatment plans and ensure adherence.

Nurse Practitioners:

Nurse Practitioners within Guided Care+ have advanced training in managing chronic illnesses and are adept at providing both primary and specialty care. They assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic tests, and manage overall patient care, focusing on personalized treatment strategies.

Registered Nurses (RNs):

Registered Nurses at Guided Care+ are essential in managing daily care regimens, providing skilled nursing care, and overseeing medication management. They serve as patient advocates, educating patients and families on disease processes and self-management techniques.

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs):

LVNs with Guided Care+ provide foundational nursing care, assist in routine patient assessments, administer medications, and perform basic therapeutic procedures. They play a vital role in monitoring patient responses to treatments and are key communicators within the care team.

Care Coordinators:

Guided Care+ care coordinators are experts in healthcare logistics, managing the coordination of services across various providers. They ensure that treatment plans are executed smoothly and that all necessary healthcare appointments and follow-ups are scheduled and attended.

Therapists (Physical & Occupational):

Physical Therapists within Guided Care+ design and implement exercise programs to improve strength, balance, and mobility. Occupational Therapists focus on enabling patients to perform daily activities, recommending adaptive equipment, and modifying environments to increase independence.

Administrative Support Staff:

The administrative support staff at Guided Care+ manage the operational and clerical tasks essential for patient care delivery. They handle scheduling, billing, insurance coordination, and maintain comprehensive patient records.

Behavioral Health Specialists:

The Guided Care+ behavioral health specialists include psychologists and psychiatrists who provide assessments, psychotherapy, and in some cases, psychiatric medication management. They work to address the cognitive and emotional aspects of chronic illness, which are crucial for holistic care.

Social Workers:

Guided Care+ social workers assess social and emotional factors affecting patients and provide counseling. They connect patients with community resources, assist in navigating healthcare and insurance systems, and provide support for families coping with the challenges of chronic disease management.

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