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The SilverStone Difference

The SilverStone Health Difference

A Team That Is Called To Care

At SilverStone Health, our team is Called To Care. This is the ethos that defines our approach to healthcare. Each member of our team embodies this calling, bringing a unique blend of professional expertise and heartfelt compassion to every patient interaction.

For us, it’s more than providing medical services; it’s about a higher calling. We focus on building genuine connections, meticulously understanding individual needs, and dedicating ourselves passionately to the holistic well-being of those in our care. Every moment spent with us is not just about treatment; it’s about experiencing our unwavering commitment to this deeply.

With Us You Won’t Experience Care Gaps

Physician Services

Skilled in-person care in long-term & skilled nursing facilities, along with medication checks and health monitoring for homebound patients transitioning from hospital to home. We also manage re-entry facilities within 30 days post-discharge if needed.

Guided Care+

Guided Care+ is a healthcare program for those with 2 or more chronic illnesses, combining ongoing health management (CCM), health monitoring through technology (RPM), and mental health support (BHI), all tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors.

Home Health

Medical care at home for the homebound, aiding recovery from illness or injury, and managing chronic conditions. It enhances health, accelerates recovery, minimizes hospital visits, and promotes healing and independence in a comfortable setting.

Palliative Care

Provides comfort for advanced or terminal illnesses, easing symptoms & emotional stress, and can be combined with other treatments at any illness stage.

Hospice Care

Hospice care prioritizes symptom management for terminal illnesses, aiding families and caregivers to enhance patient life quality. It represents hope and support, not giving up.

The SilverStone Health Care Continuum

We understand that each person’s healthcare journey is distinct and deeply personal. Our commitment is to empower and guide our patients through every step of this journey, providing them with the care they need precisely when they need it.

We’ve integrated a comprehensive range of care solutions that span from the initial diagnosis of chronic conditions through to the final stages of care. Our integrated approach ensures that patients experience a seamless transition across various healthcare services, all under one roof. This holistic model of care is what we proudly refer to as the SilverStone Care Continuum.

Within this continuum, our patients smoothly navigate between different levels of care, tailored to their evolving health needs. Unique to our approach is the flexibility of our care model; for example, a patient may transition from hospice care back to another form of medical support as their condition improves. This adaptability is central to our philosophy at SilverStone Health, where patient care is not just a service but a journey we walk together, adapting and responding at every turn.

Our Core Values

The SilverStone Health Core Values


At SilverStone, we stand by our word, upholding the highest ethical standards in all we undertake. Every interaction is guided by our unwavering commitment to honesty and principle.


SilverStone operates with a clear and open approach, ensuring that every individual  has full visibility into our actions and decisions.


At SilverStone, we stand by our promises and actions. When we commit, we deliver, taking full responsibility for our decisions and their outcomes.


At SilverStone, every tick of the clock is a call to action. Each moment matters deeply to us. Our swift and thoughtful responses guarantee not just timely actions, but a promise that no detail is overlooked.


At SilverStone, ensuring the highest level of care for our patients is ingrained in our DNA. Excellence isn’t just a goal—it’s the SilverStone standard. Every action, decision, and service is underpinned by an uncompromising commitment to quality, ensuring that each patient experiences the pinnacle of care that they deserve.

How We Are Different

The SilverStone Health Difference

SilverStone Health is physician-led healthcare organization. Our team of experienced doctors ensures that every treatment plan is grounded in the latest medical knowledge and tailored to unique health needs, offering peace of mind and the highest standard of care.

Guiding towards better health, SilverStone Health believes in empowering with knowledge and support. We provide clear, personalized guidance, enabling patients and loved ones to make informed health decisions confidently. Empowerment is our commitment, ensuring a healthcare journey that’s as enlightening as it is healing.

At SilverStone Health, our staff doesn’t just perform a job; they’re called to care. Compassion, expertise, and a deep commitment to patient welfare define our approach, ensuring you feel supported and valued at all times.

Our Continuum of Care model ensures that every stage of your health journey — from diagnosis to treatment and beyond — is seamlessly connected, providing consistent, high-quality care every step of the way.

At the forefront of healthcare innovation, SilverStone Health integrates cutting-edge technology in every aspect of care. From advanced diagnostic tools to digital health platforms, we utilize technology to enhance accuracy, improve convenience, and empower patients with control over their health journey.

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