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Specialty Physician Services

Our team of board-certified doctors and care providers are always ready to help, whether you’re in a care facility or recovering after a hospital stay. We specialize in complex medical conditions, serious illness, palliative care needs, and those moving from hospital to home. We use a hands-on approach to tackle the complex issues patients face while in a facility, and offer our Advanced Care Programs, such as Guided Care + for transitional and chronic care management, ensuring correct medication use and the right start to home healthcare.

Partners in Your Healthcare Journey

What is Specialty Physician Services?

Specialty Physician Services is our SilverStone Health board-certified physicians and their multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners, nurses, clinical assistants, and social workers, who provide in-person and online medical care throughout all stages of your healthcare journey. They cater to your healthcare needs while you are in a facility and during the critical period after your transition home or to a new care environment. They can act as your long-term primary care physician (PCP) if you don’t have one or serve as a bridge to your PCP if you cannot obtain an appointment, need medications, or require treatment for common illnesses like a sinus infection.

Continuity of Care

What Are the Benefits of Physician Services?

What Services are Included with Specialty Physician Services?

At SilverStone Health, our Specialty Physician Services provide a wide range of expert care including transitional care management, medication management, prescription refills, wound care, lab testing, and urgent care. Additionally, through our Advanced Care Programs you are given 24/7 access to a full team of care specialists who work with our physicians to ensure optimal medical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Advanced Care Programs
  • Guided Care +

    Designed for patients managing multiple chronic conditions, our advanced chronic care management starts with a comprehensive health assessment. We then develop personalized care plans that evolve over time, continuously monitor health status, reconcile medications, and provide round-the-clock access to a dedicated team of specialists, including dieticians and spiritual care advisors.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    Designed to track vital health data in real-time, allowing for prompt adjustments to treatment as needed. This vigilant monitoring leads to early detection of potential health issues, reducing emergency visits, and ensuring your care plan is always one step ahead.

  • Behavioral Health Integration

    Designed to help manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions that often accompany chronic illnesses, aiming to improve your overall quality of life and provide a strong support system for both your mental and emotional needs.

The SilverStone Difference

What are the Benefits of Joining an Advanced Care Program?

We understand that managing chronic conditions requires more than just occasional check-ups—it’s about support and a partnership that understands your needs. Our approach ensures that you always have a compassionate expert to turn to, whether for medical inquiries, emotional support, or guidance through the complexities of healthcare.

Reach out to your care team anytime, and expect a swift, caring response that puts your mind at ease.

We proactively monitor your health, keeping track of your progress and making adjustments as your needs evolve.

Empower yourself with knowledge. We provide the latest information and resources to help you make informed decisions about your care.

Tailored to meet your unique health needs, our care plans evolve with you, ensuring the right support at the right time.

Peace of mind comes with knowing expert help is just a call away, any time of day or night.

We address all aspects of health—physical, mental, and emotional—promoting a balanced approach to your well-being.

Utilizing cutting-edge tools and platforms to enhance your care experience, from virtual visits to remote health monitoring.

Access to 24/7 Medical Care

Navigate Your Health
with Confidence

Our dedicated team integrates advanced care strategies for chronic conditions, remote monitoring, and behavioral health into a single, seamless service. With personalized attention and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that every aspect of your health is cared for.


Personalized healthcare delivered to your doorstep, providing convenience and comfort for ongoing management and recovery in your own home.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Dedicated post-operative and illness recovery support from skilled professionals, right at the skilled nursing facility, to optimize rehabilitation and care.

Long-Term Care Facilities

Comprehensive medical oversight in the comfort of long-term care settings, ensuring consistent, quality healthcare for chronic and complex conditions.

  • Anyone can sign up for Specialty Physician Services.
  • Individuals with 2 or more chronic conditions that are not pain related may sign up for our Advanced Care Programs such as Guided Care + and Remote Patient Monitoring.
  • Medicare and private insurances pay for Specialty Physician Services.
  • Our Advanced Care Programs are a Medicare benefit; If you are on Medicare then you will pay no additional out of pocket fees. We can help you with coordinating insurance eligibility.
  • Yes, Specialty Physician Services and our Advanced Care Programs work in conjunction with your existing healthcare providers.
  • Our Advanced Care Programs offer a more holistic and integrated approach, focusing on proactive management of chronic conditions and including mental health support.
  • You can request care through the form below, and we will provide a preliminary assessment, followed by eligibility verification and enrollment.

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