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With You, Every Step of the Way

SilverStone Hospice Care Services

At the core of our hospice care, we’re here for you and your loved ones. Our mission is to bring comfort, care, and meaning to every day, always keeping your needs and feelings at the forefront.

Care Plan Coordination

You’re not alone on this journey. Together with your input, we tailor a care plan that respects your wishes and addresses all your needs, ensuring every moment is as comfortable and cherished as possible.

24/7 On Call Nursing Support

Around the clock, our nurses are on standby to assist with sudden medical concerns, ensuring timely interventions. Whether it’s adjusting medications, addressing new symptoms, or providing urgent guidance, we’re available 24/7. It’s not just about medical guidance, but also the comfort of knowing support is always within reach.

Medical Equipment & Supplies

You deserve the utmost comfort, whether at home or with us. We provide all the necessary medical tools and supplies, so you can focus on what truly matters: spending quality time with loved ones. Leave this worry to us.

Nursing Visits

Our nurses combine clinical expertise with heartfelt compassion. Regular visits ensure hands-on care, from monitoring health to administering treatments. Prioritizing both medical and emotional well-being, our nursing team offers guidance and comfort to you and your family. From managing medications to providing vital education on your condition, our nursing care is comprehensive. With our nursing team, you will experience a blend of expert medical care and genuine warmth, reminding you and your loved ones that you’re never alone on this journey.


Moments of joy and companionship can be therapeutic. Through our “No One Dies Alone” volunteer program, we make certain that everyone receives the warmth of human connection, even in the final moments. Our compassionate volunteers are ready to share stories, laughter, and memories.Their presence ensures that you always have a friendly face by your side, bringing comfort and solace, making each day brighter.

Caregiver Support

We ensure that you’re equipped with resources, knowledge, and emotional backing. By providing consistent assistance and understanding, we aim to lighten your load, allowing you to focus on shared moments and memories.

Physician Oversight

Every aspect of patient care with SilverStone is overseen by experienced board-certified physicians. They collaborate closely with the care team to tailor treatment plans, ensuring each patient’s unique health needs are met with the utmost professionalism and empathy.

Respite For Caregiver Relief

Recognizing the physical and emotional demands on caregivers, this service offers temporary relief, allowing caregivers to rest and recharge. Our compassionate staff steps in to provide high-quality care, ensuring the patient’s needs are continuously met.

Routine In-Home Care

Our routine in-home care services include regular visits from healthcare professionals who monitor the patient’s health status, administer treatments, and adjust care plans as needed. This service is fundamental in maintaining the patient’s comfort and well-being in their own home.


Our expert team carefully manages and administers medications to effectively control pain and other symptoms. This personalized approach ensures patients maintain the highest possible quality of life with minimal discomfort.

Mental Health and Wellness

Understanding the importance of mental and emotional health, our team provides support through counseling, therapy, and other wellness activities. Our aim is to nurture the mental and emotional well-being of our patients during their journey.

Spiritual Care Program

Our spiritual care program offers support that respects and aligns with the patient’s personal beliefs and values. Spiritual counselors provide comfort, facilitate meaningful conversations, and offer guidance through this life stage.

Volunteer Support

The SilverStone Volunteer Program brings additional warmth and companionship to those in our care. Trained volunteers spend time with patients, engaging in conversations, reading, or participating in hobbies, enriching the patient’s daily life.

Veterans Program

Tailored specifically for veterans, our Veterans Program acknowledges and addresses their unique end-of-life needs. It includes special recognition ceremonies and support from staff trained in veteran-specific care challenges.

No One Dies Alone Program

This deeply compassionate program ensures that no patient faces the end of life alone. Trained volunteers and staff provide a comforting presence, holding hands, and offering reassurance during the final moments.

Crisis Care

In times of health crisis, our crisis care services provide intensive, around-the-clock care. This includes managing acute symptoms, providing emotional support, and ensuring the patient’s comfort and dignity during critical times.

Bereavement & Emotional Support

Our comprehensive bereavement support includes counseling, support groups, and resources to assist families and loved ones in coping with grief and loss. This service extends beyond the patient’s life, offering ongoing support during the mourning process.

Medical Social Services

Our medical social workers stand with both patients and families. They clarify medical details, safeguard patient rights, and provide emotional support for families. They help in coordinating essential equipment, accessing financial aid, and connecting to community resources. Whether assisting with paperwork, directing you to support groups, or offering a listening ear, our team ensures you’re fully supported and never feel alone in your journey.

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Hospice Care Team

We focus on the unique needs of every patient. With a team that combines medical knowledge with deep compassion, we ensure all-around care – from physical to emotional to spiritual. We’re dedicated to building an understanding and respectful space, where patients and families find complete support.

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