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Home Health Care

SilverStone Home Health Services

At SilverStone Home Health we deliver a broad range of home health services with expert care and personal attention. Our skilled nursing team excels in medical assessments, educational training, and dietary and skilled procedural care, ensuring comprehensive management of each patient’s health. Rehabilitation needs are met with targeted physical, occupational, and speech-language therapies, all aimed at restoring function and independence.

Specialized programs for IV infusions, wound care, chronic conditions like COPD and diabetes, joint rehabilitation, palliative, cardiac, and post-surgery care, as well as cognitive therapy, round out our offerings to cover every aspect of patient wellness with a focused, empathetic and quality of care approach. Empathy is important but quality is key.

Skilled Nursing

Assessment & Observation

Assessment and vigilant health monitoring to ensure optimal care.

Health Procedures

Professional medical procedures delivered with care and precision.

Training & Teaching

Educational support for patients and families on health management.

Management & Evaluation

Comprehensive care planning and progress evaluation for continuous improvement.

Dietary Implications

Nutritional guidance tailored to enhance health and recovery.

Skilled Procedures

Advanced medical techniques performed by certified nursing professionals.

Home Assessment

Evaluating home environments to optimize safety and care effectiveness.

Home Health Aide Services

Dedicated assistance for daily living activities and personal care.

Rehabilitation Therapies

Physical Therapy

Restorative exercises and treatments to improve mobility and alleviate pain.

Occupational Therapy

Therapeutic activities aimed at enabling participation in daily life.

Speech-Language Therapy

Customized therapies to enhance communication and swallowing functions.

Medical Social Worker

Support navigating the healthcare system and accessing needed services.

Specialty Programs

IV Infusions

Safe and efficient in-home IV therapy for various medical conditions.

Wound Care/Wound Vac Care

Expert wound management to promote healing and prevent complications.


Specialized care plans to manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease symptoms.


Comprehensive diabetes care to maintain optimal blood sugar levels.

Joint Rehabilitation

Targeted therapies to restore joint function and reduce pain.

Palliative Care

Holistic care focusing on relief from the symptoms and stress of serious illness.

Cardiac Care

Heart health management designed to improve quality of life.

Post Surgery Care

Attentive postoperative care to encourage proper healing and recovery.

Cognitive Therapy

Strategies to enhance cognitive function and mental well-being.

Home Health Team

Your Home Health Team

Each employee at SilverStone HomeHealth is Called to Care. Each team member is selected for their expertise and their dedication to offering heartfelt care that respects your individual needs and dignity. Our skilled nurses, therapists, and social workers all play a pivotal role in your care plan, orchestrating a harmonious approach to your health and well-being.

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