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The SilverStone True Palliative Care Team

The SilverStone True Palliative Care Team, is driven by our ‘Called to Care’ philosophy. Each team member is meticulously selected for their innate passion for caregiving. This team of physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, and spiritual counselors offers a well-rounded approach, ensuring every aspect of your journey is handled with empathy and expertise.


Our physicians lead the care plan, coordinating treatments and consulting with other team members to ensure comprehensive care. They are experts in managing complex medical needs, focusing on alleviating symptoms and improving quality of life.

Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioners on our team bring a high level of expertise in symptom management and patient care. They work closely with patients and families, providing education, managing treatments, and offering support throughout the palliative care journey.

Medical Social Worker

Our medical social workers play a crucial role in addressing the emotional and practical challenges that come with serious illnesses. They offer counseling, help navigate healthcare systems, and connect patients and families with needed resources and support networks.

Spiritual Counselors

Recognizing the importance of spiritual well-being, our spiritual counselors are available to provide support and guidance. They cater to diverse spiritual and religious needs, helping patients and families find comfort and meaning during challenging times.

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